Building Land in Moscow, POA

Lot: 21150; The cottage settlement “Grafskie Prudy” is located on a sunny glade with centuries-old ponds, surrounded by a reserved coniferous forest. The concept of a residential village, more than 20% of which is occupied by forest trees, was developed by the masters of the leading architectural laboratory. Therefore, the designs of cottages in the village are made in the style of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, organically combining the natural environment and living space. CENTRAL BULWAR 50 meters wide and almost a kilometer long passes through the whole village and connects it to a single functional and unusually picturesque space. On the territory of the village there are artificial ponds created more than a century ago. The roads of the capital type, laid out with paving stones, are framed by sidewalks with lush lawns, flower beds, benches. INFRASTRUCTURE: On the territory of the village there is a shop, a skating rink, a cafe, playgrounds, a beach, gardens, parks. Within a radius of 4 km from the village there are general and specialized schools, KINDERGARTENS, THEATRAL and ART studios, fitness clubs and SPA centers. A short drive from the village is the extensive infrastructure of the Imperial Park Hotel with the KINDERGARTEN, a fitness center, a swimming pool, the opportunity to play paintball or go diving. CENTRAL COMMUNICATIONS: the settlement is provided with modern communication systems, gas heating. SECURITY of the village is guaranteed by professional security service: perimeter protection circuits, video surveillance, infrared sensors and motion sensors, patrolling the territory.